About Company

Harlem Productions is a Multimedia / Marketing company which provides Film / Video services to our clients. We provide Film, Video, Photography, Commercials, DVD Authoring, and more to help you market your product or just enjoy the moments in life.



David Mcfly Mims

With no question Dave Mcfly Mims is considered to be diverse in many ways. An entrepreneur who founded Harlem Universe Productions started out as an entertainer who decided to expand his creativity through Film and Video. David Mims has worked during his college years in Violator Records and Management under Chris Lighty, and Mona Scott. During the time working at Violator, David has been inspired with the direction he wanted to go with his career and life. After graduating college David made the decision to start his career in Film / Video production beginning as an editor working with Final Cut Pro, and later filming projects. Working with major TV networks, production crews, film companies Dave has obtained the necessary skills to contribute to his company Harlem Universe Productions.

David is continuing to find new and innovating ways to service clients with professional quality work. Working on field as well as in studio through directing, editing, and producing David knows and understands what it takes to get the job done and to service his clients.